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Professional Development Series, Topic of the Week

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is the art of seeing opportunities instead of obstacles or seeing failure as a chance to develop our abilities further. People with a growth mindset are constantly seeking opportunities to learn, gain new skills, and enhance their existing skills. How to Achieve a Growth Mindset A growth mindset can be the difference between …

Professional Development Series, Topic of the Week

Achieve Your Career Goals Without Burnout

A new term was recently trending on social media and was even spotlighted on NBC’s Today Show: quiet quitting. According to an August 2022 survey, almost 21% of 1,000 working Americans say they themselves are quiet quitters.   What is quiet quitting? The term quiet quitting doesn’t actually involve quitting. Simply put, employees are doing the …

Professional Development Series, Topic of the Week

2023 Employment Trends and Predictions

From work flexibility to employee safety, here is a list of five employment trends that you can expect in 2023. Conclusion The work world changes constantly, and savvy employers keep an eye on the trends. Embracing workplace trends gives companies the opportunity to build more innovative and progressive organizations.

Professional Development Series, Topic of the Week

Mentoring as a Career Development Tool

January is national mentoring month! Launched in 2021 with a proclamation by President Biden, the campaign aims to unify and expand the mentoring movement, celebrate the power of relationships, and raise awareness around the importance of youth mentoring in the United States. A mentor is an individual with expertise who can help develop the career of a mentee. As government employees, we …

Professional Development Series, Topic of the Week

The Call for a Second Interview

Earlier this year, an opportunity to advance my career presented itself. After careful consideration, I applied to to the vacancy announcement which included two positions. I was grateful to interview for both positions and humbled after not being selected for neither of the two positions. Yes, I was rejected twice. Disappointed? Somewhat. There was always …

Professional Development Series, Topic of the Week

Career Development is a Personal Responsibility

Who do you think is responsible for developing your career? Depending on who you ask, there is disagreement about whether it should be the responsibility of an individual or an employer. My opinion: The responsibility for career development starts with the individual and evolves into a partnership with the employer. Over eleven years ago, I …