Hello! Welcome to Malissa Lewis, Life and Style formerly known as Outheboxbym. This blog started as a hobby in 2015, covering my personal style in fashion. It evolved into a broader mission, exploring the co-existence of life and style; who we are and how we live our lives. We cover style, exercise, food, self-development because we want your outer personal style to reflect the inner you and believe that it’s possible to strive to become the best version of yourself, while accepting yourself exactly as you are. Here, you’ll find, through the sections, thought-provoking ideas and compelling stories in the form of events, coaching, mentoring and recommended articles and books. We cater to those who feel like a bit of a hot mess sometimes, but are still goal-driven and ambitious; work out a couple of times per week but still struggle with their diet; strive to become the best version of themselves and like getting dressed to the nines and keep up to date on the latest fashion trends.

Meet the Founder, Malissa Lewis

After growing up in Guyana, Malissa moved to New Jersey with a Bachelor of Law Degree and a love of fashion. She earned a Master of Law and landed a successful career in public health. She infused her love of fashion in her professional work wear and continues to embrace her personal style while rubbing elbows with individuals who either wear only one color or put very little effort into their outward appearance.

In 2015, she launched a fashion blog, Outtheboxbym as a weekend hobby and shortly thereafter, began collaborating with fashion brands. During the pandemic, she began to reevaluate the purpose of a fashion-focused blog and made the decision to shift the focus of the blog to life and style. This gave birth to Malissa Lewis, Life and Style. I envision this lifestyle blog becoming a one-stop shop for resources for those who are looking for practical tips to balance self-satisfaction with self-development. Malissa lives with her husband in Maryland. Email her anytime at engagewithmali@gmail.com and find her on Instagram.